World Of Warcraft Pre-Expansion Patch Available On Public Test Realm

In August World of Warcraft fans will get the 6th expansion for the game. But before that, the company will also launch a pre-expansion surprise, a patch with some Legion features. The good news don’t stop here though! This patch will be released for all players, even if you did not pre-order Legion. The patch will bring new features for the game. You will be able to enjoy class changes, a new system of transmogrification, the redesign of the PvP systems and many more. The additions will first be available for testing on the specifically designed realm, and then they will be released for the live servers. For now, the pre-expansion addition is already available on the public test realm, so all players can have a nice preview of it. You can copy your characters to the realm if you want to test out whatever changes the company prepared for World of Warcraft. This helps you see how the transmogrification system allows you to transfer the saved items you have in your collection. In the new system you will find your personal banks, lighter bags and the Void Storage. Of course, all the soulbound items (plus those who are changed by the character) are gathered under a tab called Appearances Collection. Items here can be used in transmogrifications and outfits over the entire account of a player. Also here you will find the items you received as a reward in your quests and the deleted quest ones. Other changes can be previewed in the patch too, such as the redesign for the PvP systems. In the new system, you will not  be able to use Conquest Points and Honor ones as currencies. Also, the classes and specializations will differ in the preview from the live server, so pay attention to this.

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