World of Warcraft Legion Best Tips and Tricks

A brand new WOW expansion entitled Legion will soon be released and here are 6 tips on how to fare in this new scenario after trying out the beta version.
  1. Read about the WOW Lore
If you’re an avid player, then you probably know a lot about the WOW lore, but there are some of you out there that probably have gotten around to reading about it. We believe that understanding the WOW world and its narrative will make your gaming experience more significant.
  1. Zone completion
In this new expansion, zone completion is essential to progress. If you don’t complete the zone, you will not have access to other quests or to factions.
  1. Take on two professions
Legion comes with many new features profession-wise and some of these include the removal of level requirements for recipes and profession quests. The latter have been found to be very interesting but players will have to make sure that they will have two primary profession so that the can actually pick up those quests.
  1. Choose a class that you find interesting
Legion is focused on class more than anything so make sure that when you choose a class, it’s something that is dear to you and it will make the gameplay that much more exciting.
  1. Class campaigns should be prioritized
In this expansion, the Order Hall is extremely important because apart from being the place where you get you gear and bonuses, it’s also the place where you get your quests. So it’s advisable to check in at the Order Hall to see what quests are available at any given time and then prioritize them
  1. Be prepared for slow falling and water walking
Many of the zones in Legion are filled with obstacles like large bodies of water or mountains and it’s very advisable to have items that will help you move efficiently and quick around them. This means that you should have at least some goblin gliders with you at all times.  

6 thoughts on “World of Warcraft Legion Best Tips and Tricks

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    Garrisons in Warlords of Draenor have transformed the World of Warcraft economy. More than ever it’s possible to amass large quantities of gold with little effort. While you could always mine and herb every node on every alt every day… here’s a few simple tricks to maximize your profits while minimizing the amount of time you’re playing the Garrison mini-game.

    Build an Inn and Salvage Yard
    Raise both Buildings to Level 3
    Use the Inn to recruit followers with the “Treasure Hunter” trait
    If you’re pushed over the Follower limit, disable a follower without Treasure Hunter.

    This combination will ensure you start seeing a large number of Gold-reward missions, and each Treasure Hunter in your party will increase the amount of gold received.

    You’ll also start to receive Salvaged Loot crates which contain various levels (and quality) of items. These can be sold to vendors, disenchanted, etc. Sometimes there will be Follower upgrade materials so it’s a fast path to making your followers better.

    Combine this with a Level 3 Shipyard and you’ll be rolling in gold in short order, especially if you have 3-4 alts making use of the same strategy. If you have excess Garrison resources you can also buy Trait re-rolls to try and get “Treasure Hunter” on existing Followers.

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    Does it feel like an Asian MMO? I don’t know what it is about Asian MMOs, but I can’t seem to like them. They feel grindy, or feel like they expect you to play with 8 other people regularly.

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    Legion is actually shaping up pretty well. It’s beautiful by most any game’s standards – certainly by WoW’s past level, with much much greater level of detail everywhere, classes have been freshened up and made to play in a more unique and distinct way compared to each other, and so on.

    Only problem is it won’t be out for another four months. It’ll be a hum-drum doldrums summer, as far as WoW is concerned. Maybe they’ll release the expansion pre-patch sooner, but they probably won’t. It’s been a month in the past, so it’ll probably be a month now as well.

    If they do release the pre-patch sooner, at least people could get busy hunting transmog gear, so there’s always that.

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    Ugh. Just reading stuff about WoW like this makes me want to resubscribe and check it out. Haven’t played since Lich King. If only I could rope some people into playing again. Or I guess I could just fly solo, like I usually end up doing anyway.

    Now I have to read about the new expansion.

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    One thing that is abit off about this. You never mentioned that the main crafting material “Blood of sargeras” Is BoP so having double crafting professions is going to bite you in the ass, since the mayor amount of it is going to be from gathering.


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