Making gold with your Garrison part 1

Intro The things you should know before building your garrison this way: This should be done on an alt since having your garrison this way will give little to no help gearing your character The character needs to be level 100 and have a level 3 garrison since you will need to upgrade your Herb Garden and Mines to level 3 I wrote this guide based on my income on a low populated server, it may not work as well or it may work even better if you’re on a highly populated server Small Buildings The building that is a must is the Salvage Yard, level 3. This will allow you to get more greens and blues which you will Disenchant, and more crafting materials (herbs, ores and leather)   You should not build a small building that’s related to your profession, as that is simply a waste of the slot. Medium Buildings The most important medium building is the Barn, level 3. It allows you to trap elite beasts in Nagrand, which produce food, fur or leather, depending on what beast you trap. It is also a source of Savage Blood which sells well. Or you can save them and create gear/weapon upgrades, which sell for thousands of gold. 1 The prices on those upgrading items that require Savage Blood. These can only be crafted with the Profession you have, not with Profession Buildings.2     As you can see, the prices dropped a lot since 6.1 launched, that’s because you can buy Savage Bloods and create daily items (such as Burnished Leather) with Primal Spirits now, but that only means you’ll be able to sell the items more often.4 Another building that’s worth having is the Trading Post, level 2. Not only does it allow you to have an auctioneer in your own garrison, it also offers a variety of traders which visit every day and sell crafting materials in exchange for Garrison Resources. See this comment for more detailed information. 5     Large buildings really do not provide any ways of significant gold income on their own, but there are 2 that are, in my opinion, better for farming materials and gold than others. 1st -> Mage Tower/Spirit Lodge, level 3. It allows you to travel around Draenor faster and acquire Apexis Crystals and Mission Completion Orders from Work Orders. 2nd ->Barracks, level 3. Increases your follower limit to 25, meaning you can do more missions, meaning more Salvage Crates. It also lets you have a Bodyguard while in Draenor, making trapping a bit easier.6

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