Apexis and Oil currency review in Warlords of Draenor 6.2

Apexis Crystal   Apexis Crystal have an expanded role in Patch 6.2.   Acquiring Apexis Crystals: There is a new set of Apexis Crystal quests from your Tanaan Jungle hub. These quests reward 2000 each, and you can also do Apexis quests in your garrison. Different areas in Tanaan Jungle trigger bonus objectives, which reward Apexis Crystals. Your rate of acquiring Apexis Crystals is tripled during Apexis Bonus Event with the  Sign of Apexis buff. The daily group quest  Unseen Influence rewards 1500. Killing Fangrila bosses grants the  King of the Jungle buff. Solar Priest Varyx, a special Order of the Awakened follower, has the unique  Apexis Attenuation ability to increase the amount of Apexis Crystals gained from a mission by 100%. Spending Apexis Crystals: All of the gear which cost Apexis Crystals previously now costs gold. ilvl 630 Crystal: 1,000 ilvl 645 Exceptional: 5,000 ilvl 655 Flawless: 10,000 ilvl 670 Ethereal: 20,000 A new vendor in your Tanaan Jungle faction hub sells Baleful Gear Tokens for 5000 each (weapons are 10k each). These tokens create a suitable ilvl 650 item, with a small chance it will be ilvl 675, for your spec with your best primary stat and two randomly-selected secondary stats. Do not get these confused with Baleful tokens from Shipyard rewards–those are Bind on Account, while Tanaan versions are not. Baleful gear can be upgraded to ilvl 695 via  Empowered Apexis Fragment, which costs 20000 each. Several items that require reputation with Order of the Awakened cost  Apexis Crystal, which can also be purchased in your Tanaan faction hub. Contract: Solar Priest Vayx: Teaches you the Solar Priest Varyx follower with the special  Apexis Attenuation ability. Costs 1000 Gemcutter Module: Multistrike: Attach to arainsn Apexis Gemcutter Construct to teach it the recipe for an Immaculate Multistrike Taladite. Costs 3,000 and 3000 Rukhmar’s Sacred Memory: Transformed into a Rukhmar Adherent, costs 50000 Blazing Firehawk: New Battle Pet, costs 2000   Finally,  Reins of the Corrupted Dreadwing is a very expensive mount that requires Friendly reputation. It costs 150000     Oil Oil is a new currency in 6.2 which powers Shipyard Naval Missions.   Acquiring Oil: Several Garrison Follower Missions reward Oil. The amount can be improved with the  Greasemonkey trait, which can ben found on Inn followers as well as a 6.2 reputation follower. Players that complete the  The Time to Strike quest as part of the Apexis Bonus Event receive 1000. Apexis Daily quests in Tanaan Jungle also reward 600. Different areas in Tanaan Jungle trigger bonus objectives, which reward Oil. Several rare spawns in Tanaan also drop Oil. Spending Oil: All Naval Missions cost oil. You can browse costs on our Naval Missions Database. Currently on the PTR, the most expensive missions cost 125 (example All Fel Breaks Loose), while most fall into the 20-100  Oil range. Oil is also used to construct all ships. harbor

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